What is Garbh Sanskar Audio Program

The beginning of Garbh Sanskar – How it all started?

In one fine morning of June 1994, While reading newspaper a small news fetched my attention “Film makes impact on Babies in The Womb” being psychologist it triggered Brain storming. Film was Sophia’s Choice and excellent performance by Meril Strip (she had won Oscar for this performance in 1982!)

I was restless, if outside subject can make impact on unborn baby then what will be the impact of pregnant mothers thinking on her Baby? I wanted to know more about sensitive pregnancy, neurological brain development and every aspect of intrauterine state.

With the course of time now after 26 years, We posses ample of information, which is the strong base to proclaim that “Womb is the first institute where child gets intelligence and personality” We are human being because of our dynamic Brain, Quality and Capacity of the Brain is determined in the Womb itself. We cannot enhance mental ability! Motherhood is the blessing of Nature! garbh-sanskar.com is dedicated to motherhood

– James Nicolas (Founder)

Salient Features of Garbh Sanskar

  • It is non religious, in fact Garbh Sanskar is related to Neurology
  • Garbh Sanskar is meaningful activity, to listen audio you have to Ly-down on comfortable bed, close your eyes and follow instructions.
  • Baby’s brain is the extension of mothers brain, all thoughts and feelings are accumulated in baby’s brain and it becomes the foundation of Personality. If you think carefully you will realize why every individual is unique.
  • We insist that coming up generation should posses High Quality of Mental ability and Personality traits like Confidence, Leadership Quality, Communication skills, Alertness, Decision Making Ability Etc, We impart these qualities through Garbh Samwad and results are very excellent
  • Garbh Sanskar is not merely listening It is the process of self analysis and transformation. We would like to invite you to audio set, cost is Rs.900 and get clarification if you have any question. We have central sales Unit to maintain record, regular follow up, suggestions from our clients, and their testimonials. Garbh Sanskar has very broad spectrum! It is very difficult to explain every thing on the Net. Let us come forward to make motherhood meaningful!!

Garbh Sanskar Audio Program Demo tracks are available in Marathi, Hindi and English

Garbh Sanskar Marathi दैदिप्यमान बालकाचा जन्म Demo by James Nicolas | गर्भ संस्कार | गर्भ संवाद

Garbh Sanskar Hindi दैदिप्यमान शिशु का जन्म Demo Track by James Nicolas | गर्भ संस्कार | गर्भ संवाद

Garbh Sanskar English Birth of an Intelligent Child Demo by James Nicolas | गर्भ संस्कार | गर्भ संवाद