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Brain-Beginning, Development and Function

This points will help you to clear the Garbh Sanskar Concept.
At the time of conception 2/3 neuron form tiny brain, nullification starts rapidly and by the end of third month, number reaches up-to 20 trillions off course in the favourable circumstances, this number remains static till the end of 5th month of pregnancy. During this period entire network is established thereafter excess neurons starts decaying baby arrives in the world with 10 trillion neuron cells.

  • After the birth not a single neuron is produced therefore we cannot enhance intelligence of any person.
  • Brain capacity and quality depends on perception of pregnant women, food intake, proper medicine, exercise, mental condition and surrounding.
  • Baby having lower intelligence do not attain high academic performance hence they have to face hardship.

Our behaviour is the result of motivation generated by brain.
We can classify brain functions in 4 categories

  1. Defence: it is primary function to safe guard life, Body, Wealth and self respect.
  2. Information Storage: Neuron library is the storage of information, accumulation of information starts in the womb itself, this information is the base of our Personality. After birth 5 senses pour thousands different information per second, information stored in brain helps us to take decision
  3. Motivation: Every moment we get directives from brain and we follow the directives, We get this motivation based on the information available in Neuron library.
  4. Organ Control: All the functions of involuntary system are controlled by brain. To generate good motivation it is essential our brain should filled with good information.
Modern Time-Pregnancy and Garbh Sanskar

Fetus Training – Garbh Sanskar is ancient Indian concept, basically it is based on religious teaching. In those days life revolved around very few subjects but today life has become complicated and multidimensional, cut throat competition have made survival difficult. Considering the need of time James Nicolas brought out improved version of Garbh Sanskar, which represents 21st century, it does not contain any religious message, due to secular nature, Fetus Training have wide acceptance from all the major communities of the world. As stated earlier, We are human being because of our dynamic Brain. To understand Fetus Training, we must have basic knowledge of Brain, Neurology it deals with The Brain.

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