Garbh Sanskar Training by James Nicolas

3 Way’s you can participate in Garbh Sanskar

  1. Audio CD’s – It is set of 4 Audio CD’s for ANC mothers those who wish to have bright and intelligent child. Once baby is conceived every second plays vital role in the life of Baby in the womb, Physical growth, Neurological growth, Intelligence, language development, social development, organ development & every development is finely tuned with overall development. 280 days is the arrival of baby with Unique personality. James Nicolas shows the way to have bright child. Lucid narration makes process pleasant experience to ANC mother. Garbh Sanskar CD Set is available in 4 languages – English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. Visit our Shop page for purchasing the Garbh Sanskar Audio CD Set – Online Pay with Paypal and Direct Bank Transfer is available and typically it takes 2-3 business day’s to arrive CD Set at your address. We strongly recommend online payment with Paypal – it is not necessary to have paypal account since you can pay through your debit or credit card using paypal service. You can listen Garbh Sanskar Demo Track available on bottom of this page. Please register with us before placing the order and that will help us to recognize your address for product shipping (ignore if you are already register member)

    More than 45,000 babies have born with excellent results after using our Garbhsanskar Audio CD Set.

  2. Garbh Sanskar Personal Training – 5 Day’s Personal Training for Pregnant Mother – 1-2 Hours daily session by James Nicolas. (schedule on available dates)
  3. Garbh Sanskar Workshop – Garbh Sanskar Workshop/Shibir can take place in a city when 15-20 ANC Mothers are registered with us for the Workshop, contact us for your pricing details and registration

Garbhsanskar – Fetus training is now important subject amongst the pregnant population. There are several institutions and individuals trying to understand sensitive intrauterine state, Dr. Scheibel tells the fascinating story of how the brain develops in human beings from conception to birth. He makes clear that this complex, rapidly developing process is affected continually by the environment in which it is taking place. What mothers eat, drink, and feel, the environments which they themselves experience, affect daily the neural development of their unborn child See Here, there are thousands organization have reached to conclusion that baby’s brain is the extension of mother’s brain. Consequently whatever mother thinks makes life long impact on personality of baby. Another important chapter has been added by Prof.Stuart Campbell have studied fetus through 4D photograph scanning photograph and these photographs are available on net Click here to see photographs